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Maximum Support to your business

4 ways to order


Website Ordering


Make an order in advance


Taking Orders over the Phone and in Person

Self Ordering

Allow customers order themselves

Receive Orders

on your website

In 3 steps


In Real-Time

View Details

If Necessary

Print Order

Fast Response

If you don't have wifi in your shop,
you can use Mobile Data instead.

Any Window Computer

Advanced Menu

SET Menu

A set menu is a menu with a specific set of meals to choose from. For example, Set Menu (Minimum for 3 people), allow customer to order for 4/5 people. Just Eat don't support this feature.

Choose X Meals in a Box

A fixed items of meals can be choosed in a food box, whick contain more than 20 items of food. This is very Chinese feature, that gives you flixibility to run your business. Just Eat don't support this feature.

Flexible Menu

. Unlimited Categories and Menu Items
. Easy Manage Prices and Descriptions
. Food Images is available to upload
. Images will help Entice customers
. Add extra toppings / fee available

Delivery Aeras & Fees

Delivery Aeras

Our home delivery areas are based on the postcodes. It can use sub-postcode level or even specific customer.

Delivery Fee

Customize delivery fee based on each postcode. Furthermore, delivery charge can be set by particular customers

Delivery Time

Delivery time can vary depend on your status, base on your ability to prepare food, traffic and weather.

Other Features

Food Order

. One click to recall customer's order
. Set Minimum Order & extra delivery fee
. Confirm again before submit the order
. Ordering On / Off is under your control
. Accept orders within business hours

3 Ways to Pay

. Cash / Portable Card Machine / Online
. Cash payment, make an offer available
. Portable Machine, conveniency for clients
. PayPal, min payment & service fee

Additional Features

. New order Visual/Sound notifications
. Get Valuable Customer Data
. Use your own Computer and Printer
. No contracts, support you as you go

Future Ordering

. Set Minimum Order Amounts
. Set 5% off on advance order
. 7 days available Future Ordering

Best Practices:
Extra 5% Off on Orders of £50 or more

Chinese Menu

TakeawayBoss has powerful backend management that can be written in English or Chinese.

Best for Chinese business Owners or Chinese Chef.

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