Compete and Coexist with

Just Eat

The three major food portals - JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats - are earning more than £1billion a year in fees from UK.

Food portals are costing your money

Food portals charge you 13%–30% every time you receive orders, increasing fees year on year.

They claim they help you to get new customers, but they steal your customers from you.

They made tons of money recent years while you're working harder but earning less.

By hiding customer email, they do not allow you to market directly to your customers.

We help you win the battle

Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.

💙 Pre-Sales Marketing
Food portals have huge advantages - you can work with them with a clear goal of acquiring new customers.

💙 Even Lower Price
Many people like to take advantage of a good promotion, so this can be a smart way to lure customers away from Just Eat.

💙 Exactly Same Foods
Many customers love your food, but they use other ordering service. Obviously, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in business .

💙 A similar Ordering Service
Needs to improve ordering service - build your own website & show off your strengths, make ordering simple and easy for your customers. *

💙 Better Customer Service
Customers and clients are the forefront of your business. Give your customers the VIP experience they expect.

💙 Empower Your Marketing Activities
Leveraging Just Eat's resources and marketing your own business , so this can be a smart way to lure customers away from the bigger brands.
Furthermore, enhancing your marketing efforts with more depth using rentention marketing, you can beat the giants and steal back customers from right under their nose.

When you are improved, you have more chance to beat the giants like Just Eat, Uber Eats & Deliveroo.

Details determine your success

We don't charge you for technical support. There was no money loss, but you need to BE SMART in business. And you only pay us when you get orders.

1 Entice customers to order from you first time
a) Focus on customers who ordered from Just Eat
b) Remind customers of your strengths with leaflet
c) Giving a one-off discount voucher - eg. 20% off
d) Send voucher/leaflet, together with customer's food

Customers won't always switch, so many people fail.
Focus on marketing, not selling - increase convert rate.
So we entice customers with a discount and few rewards.
Do it from Sunday to Thursday, avoid busy weekend.
You certainly LOSE nothing if fail, repeat until success.

2 Keep them with strategy A & B
Consistent quality service & get loyal customers

Do the right thing, get the right results.

Once customers placed their first order, we get customers' data. We can do personalized marketing - thus increasing order frequency and loyalty.

Common Mistake:
Using a look-alike APP/Website as your business's strengths.
The technology is not marketing itself - main reason why they fail.

Reference: Learn from The Best

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