Win Business in tough times

Part 2

💚 Turning one-time customers into repeat ones

Special for Just Eat/Uber Eats Users

1 Entice customers to order from you first time
Give 20% off to customers from food portals

2 Keep them with strategy A & B
Consistent quality service & get loyal customers

Please read more in detail here

💚 Practical usage of Advance Order

Strategy: 5% off on orders of £50 or more
Very convenient for a family party
         and not only this, but also:
Prepare food in advance to avoid any delay
Have a chance to get bigger orders

💚 More Strategies Available

. Receipt Marketing if need
. Enjoy a Birthday Gift each year
. New Meals Promotion Available
. Cash-Payment Discount
. Coupons Promotion
. Happy Hours Promotion
. VIP Customers Offer
. Cash Back Reward

Retain your customers and make profit.

💚 Menu Distribution?

Menu distribution is practiced from old times but it is unsuccessful due to the weak market & poor content. It is said that the ROI on menu distribution is only about 2%.

A better alternative: Leaflet Marketing, an effective local marketing channel.

It's recommended here that retention marketing, sounds easy but it tests your technology, marketing skills and strategies. By combining online and offline marketing, you can provide an improved customer experience.

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