Leaflet / Retention Marketing

Combining Online and Offline Marketing

Leaflet Marketing

Traditional marketing is losing its effectiveness in recent years. Leaflet is a local marketing campaign, you just need to do it right.

If you don't stand out, they won't notice you.

1 Start with eye-catching food images
2 List your benefits & show your strengths
3 Put an emphasis on the headline
4 Make it small and easy to keep at home
5 Offer an incentive to encourage a response
6 Display QR Code, leads people to your site

Practice: get customers /Facebook Marketing
Leaflet distribution if needed at beginning
Publish your new meal or photos on Facebook
Post vouchers to local community occasionally

Retention Marketing

Retention marketing is a strategy that markets to existing customers - you're giving yourself a much better chance of making sales.

Please view Win Business In Tough Times

Leaflet & Retention Marketing

Leaflet marketing is the initial step of the customer journey. Afterwards, retention marketing returns more on investment than any traditional marketing. Let's understand difference between traditional & digital marketing.

Overall, digital marketing (FREE, TARGET, FAST) would lead to guaranteed success. Learn how retention marketing can help you increase your revenue.

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