Win Business

in tough times

Smart work is more important than hard work

Strategies to Keep Customers

Building your customer success strategy.

A: Keep Customers

5% rewards to loyal customers

Register and get £3 credits

Make a GOOD offer on one item

5% discount on future order

Auto redeem when you have £5 credits

(Eg: More reward options if a big shop)
B: Winback Lost Customers
Loyalty programs alone is not enough to keep customers back time and time again. Thus, it is extremely important to try to win back lost or lapsed customers.

1 Target customer who haven't ordered in weeks

2 Send a time limited offer to drive them back

    Give customers a reason to come back!
    A: Upfront discount for targeted customers
    B: Only available from Sunday - Thursday
0: Website Launch Strategy

10 - 20% discount on all orders online

( Only used once in website launching)
Putting strategies into practise?
using your business name, domain, number, menu,,,

build your website + show your strengths

Our Competitive Fee

💚 Start-up fee is £100
💚 2.8% of your website orders
Win-Win: we only succeed if you succeed.

1: FREE Service Fee for 3 months

Available until end of Jun 2021

2: Reward Customers Start-up Fee

Upgrading Website & Reborn Your Business
Available until end of Jun 2021
* Not in conjunction with other offers

Company's Promise

. No exit fee, no any hidden fee

. If our prices go up, you stay same

. If our prices go down, yours will fall too

. 3.8% if you only accept cash payment

* For your long-term benefits, we will not partner with other takeaway/restaurant within 2 miles from your shop.

* If you are a big shop or very profitable, our maximum fee is only £120 per month, we will not charge you more than the cost of providing the service.

Your Ongoing Job

Your job: You take orders from website.
         Try before you pay - be smart in business

We help you in every step of the process.
         No win no fee - your success is our success

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